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Kilcock Business Association Formed

Kilcock Business Association Formed Posted on November 2, 20099 Comments

KBA - Kilcock Business Association

The Kilcock Business Association was formed as a result of a very proactive meeting called by Councillor Liam Doyle at which approximately 50 business owners attended. The business owners were keen to address the issues that have been caused by numerous factors among which are the sewerage works and the dreaded “R” word. There was a very positive feeling at the meeting and everyone was keen to pull together to promote and regenerate our fabulous village.

Committee Members

A vote has held amongst all interested parties and the committee elected consists of Colm Doolan from Centra, Dorothy Daniels from Dorothys Hair and Beauty Centre, Heidi Jermyn from Cookie Web Consulting and, John Ryan from Ryans Butchers, Mark Leonard from Twin Oaks Bakery, Mick Cotter from Mick the Barbers, Seamus Davey from Kilcock Post Office, Sean Browne from Brownes Londis, Tara Lane from Harmony Holistic Health and Thomas Byrne from Bruce Betting.

The following positions have now been filled from the committee:

  • Chairperson: Sean Browne
  • Secretary: Heidi Jermyn
  • Treasurers: Mark Leonard & Thomas Byrne
  • PRO: Tara Lane

Since the inaugural meeting on 1st October, the committee have achieved very positive results with the opening of the Gael Scoil to improve the parking situation in the square during the sewerage works. We will work on the parking on a long term basis to make it easier for people to have access to all the wonderful businesses in Kilcock.

Parking – Commuters please take note!

Did you know that if you drive from one of the local housing estates and leave your car on the Fairgreen or in the square for the day while you get the train or bus into work, your car is costing local businesses €120,000 a year in lost revenue? This lost revenue could mean the loss of a job in the area. So why not walk or share a lift to the train and help local businesses to keep jobs in Kilcock. If investors see how well trade is in Kilcock, they will start up more businesses in Kilcock and it will become an even better place to live. That’s a healthy new years resolution for you!

Kilcock Online

Like all forward thinking associations we wish to have an online presence so the website has been chosen as it is a great source of local information. Contact Heidi on with any news or events to be featured on the website or for more information about placing an advertisement.

Another of our objectives is to publish a Kilcock Business Association Directory in the near future so if you wish to advertise in it, please contact me at Harmony Holistic Health. This will be an ideal opportunity for you to advertise your business in as it will be distributed to every house in Kilcock and the surrounding areas. Don’t miss out on having your details available to every possible consumer in the area.

The committee wishes to work on behalf of the businesses in the area to promote Kilcock as the place to shop locally and encourage you to employ local trades people. We also wish to highlight all the fantastic businesses that are in the area. If you have any suggestions for the committee or wish to be added to the newsletter email list please contact me on Watch out Kilcock – its onwards and upwards!!!

Happy shopping in Kilcock,

Tara Lane

Tara Lane is the PRO of the Kilcock Business Association.

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  1. if the town wants to have more people shopping localy they should stop objecting to every planning that goes on .a new hotel in the town would be good a new supermarket whats going to happen with zed candy????

  2. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for your comment on

    The Kilcock Business Association has been formed to promote Kilcock and support the many fantastic businesses in Kilcock. We are working on behalf of local businesses to encourage people to shop and conduct as much business in Kilcock as possible which inturn will lead to regeneration and investment in our lovely village.

    A new supermarket in the town would certainly contribute greatly to the village as Fields supermarket was certainly a valued asset and greatly contributed to the community especially for the older generation who found it difficult to travel out of the village. As for a hotel, it would bring extra visitors to Kilcock to avail of the fantastic ammenities that we have here including the Art Gallery and of course the canal. One of our objectives is to pull all the businesses in the town together and hopefully encourage and support people to invest in and start up new businesses in Kilcock.

    With regard to the Zed Candy site, unfortunately I don’t have any information for you however we are holding a meeting for the business community to launch the Kilcock Business Association and the Kilcock Business Directory which will be distributed to every household in the area so if we can get any update on developments for you, we certainly will.

    If you know of any people running their businesses from home in the area, please ask them to contact me so that they can be on our mailing lists. I am available in Harmony Holistic Health in the square if you would like to discuss anything with me or you would like me to raise any issues with the Kilcock Business Association on your behalf.

    Again thank you for your comments.

  3. A community meeting should take place to get the construction projects in the town off the ground.I would love to meet these do gooder’s who keep objecting to all these projects and give them a swift kick in the backside.Just think of all the jobs it will create before and after construction.Get together iron out the objections and get it started this town needs it so bad.

  4. “Did you know that if you drive from one of the local housing estates and leave your car on the Fairgreen or in the square for the day while you get the train or bus into work, your car is costing local businesses €120,000 a year in lost revenue? ”

    Firstly how do u know that people are driving from the local housing estate and not commuting into the station from the outlying areas?
    Also where did u get the 120k number? fairgreen is busy yeah but its not the town center and there are no businesses relatively near it. This site is great but dont mess it up saying stuff like this

  5. Hi Seamus
    Thank you for your comment regarding getting the construction projects started. The Kilcock Business Association obviously is consious of the need to get these developments started to bring Kilcock back to being one of the busiest villages in the area. We invited representatives from the proposed developments along to the launch of the Kilcock Business Association last week and were delighted when the owner of the old bakery site joined us along with other investors. We feel that it is important to encourage people to invest in the village and as you say provide jobs and more businesses etc in the area. This will then encourage people to come into the village and shop here which will lead to more jobs etc. We too are looking forward to the commencement of the construction works and the jobs provided.

  6. Hi Ken M
    Thank you for your comment. Obviously there are a number of people who live in the outlying areas who use the trains and buses from Kilcock as it is their nearest stop and they have to use their cars to drive here. But there are also many people who drive from the estates and just leave their cars which are blocking up spaces for the likes of the people who have to drive due to distance or who are unable to walk or perhaps have children that they have to collect. I do say “leave your car on the Fairgreen or in the square” and the figure of €120k was quoted by a county councillor whom I think would have got it from a national survey, but if you look at the figure at 5 days a week for 51 weeks a year (excluding XMas week) thats 255 working days divided into €120,000 that is €470.59 a day. Now think of how many spaces can use a car space during the day in the square or along the canal etc, If they pull in for 10 minutes even just to buy milk, papers etc, at 6 an hour for a 10 hour working day, they only have to spend €7.84 each to make up that €120,000 a year. Thats less than a packet of cigarettes! That €120,000 lost could mean an extra job. We have all passed shops that we wanted to get into but couldn’t park.
    And I agree with you the site is great! Thanks to Heidi for all her hard work.

  7. Thank you for responding to my comment i posted on the Dec 3.I asked around the town and everyone said that the people who are objecting to all these projects are local people who have long established business in the town.Just think if a new supermarket or hotel opened up it would finish them. In a nutshell what its called is GREED.How are we going to move forward with these people around.Ask the people of this town the real people and there will be no objections.

  8. St Patricks Day Market (17th March) is been held in the yard behind The Lion Bar on Church Street from 10.00am for the day. Anybody interested in showcasing their products or business should get in touch as places are limited. Everybody is welcome

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