The State of Kilcock Roads – Councillors are taking note.

KILD_leinsterleaderFrom the Leinster Leader:

A local councillor has expressed disappointment at the state of the roads in Kilcock.
Speaking at the meeting of Clane Area committee last Thursday, January 21, Cllr. Liam Doyle noted that “I know it’s been harsh winter and there’s been harsh snow, but I encourage the contractors to be more vigilant about the state of the roads.

“I know at the end of all this work the roads will be done anyway, but not enough attention has been paid to it now.

“This week in Church Street, there were contractors from An Bord Gais digging up the street and there’s a new bus stop going in.

“People understand some work needs to be done, but they need a break too.”

His comments were supported by Cllr. Brendan Weld who noted that “the state the roads are in generally are being commented on by the public.

“In fact we’re being lambasted by the public. People are genuinely worried about them and they are starting to vent their anger,” he explained.

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.leinsterleader.ie/news/Poor-state-of-Kilcock-roads.6015469.jp


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