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This is my first weekly roundup of Kilcock Local News. I’m really looking forward to bringing you this regular update on what’s happening in our town and what’s being said about it in local news. I’ll be scouring the newspapers and Internet for anything that concerns where we live and if there is anything newsworthy going on in the area that you’d like me to write about, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Anger at Kilcock court rumours


Kilcock TownIn the Leinster Leader (10th February 2010), an article by Conor McHugh brought our attention to the rumour that Kilcock Court’s fortnightly sittings could be moved to Naas in the future. However, it seems that no decision has been made on the matter at this stage and reviews of all court locations are taking place, according to a Court Service Spokesperson.

The issues concerning Kilcock locals and business owners were outlined by Councillor Liam Doyle to the Leinster Leader. If the court is moved to Naas, business in Kilcock will be greatly decreased. The lack of adequate parking facilities in Naas combined with poor public transport links between the towns is of huge concern to those without transport. Moving the court would also have a detrimental effect on security in the area as it would mean that the Garda Station (which is currently able to stay open during court days) would have to close due to lack of resources.

Kilcock Business Association spoke out upon hearing the rumours and echoed Cllr. Doyle’s concerns about local business by saying that it will have “huge negative implications on Leixlip, Maynooth, Kilcock, Newtown, Tirmohan, Johnstown Bridge and Carbury.” They are also concerned that currently there are up to 10 Garda Cars visible and patrolling the area on a court day and if the court is moved to Naas they would no longer be centrally located to respond to any emergencies in the District with minimum delay.

Another issue concerning the KBA is that people involved will have to take public transport into Dublin and back out again to Naas which would incur extra costs and considerable time lost from work.

Cllr. Doyle suggests that the local GAA Club, which currently lies empty during the day, could be considered as a venue for Court sittings as there is ample parking and a good sized hall that could accommodate people. “I’m sure that the committee of the GAA would be open to discussions on making their facilities available to the court services, until such time as new facilities could be provided within the confines of the town” commented Cllr. Doyle.

The spokesperson for the Court Service added that the proposed building of a new courthouse in Maynooth was being pursued, subject to funding availability.

Unemployment continue to rise in north Kildare

social welfareThe level of unemployment in North Kildare continues to rise as 93 more people signed onto the Live Register for Unemployment Assistance at Maynooth Social Welfare Office in January 2010.

An article in the Liffey Champion (13th February page 11) by Sarah Egan tells outlines how the total number of people signing on in Maynooth at the end of January rose to 5,853 according to the Central Statistics Office.

This is an increase of 1,669 in North Kildare in the last 12 months. The number of unemployed people in the whole County has more than doubled in the last two years with 367 people signing on in January 2010, with the overall figure of rising from 17,229 in Dec 2009 to 17,596 in January 2010.

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