Kilcock Weekly Local News – 3rd April 2010

(Many thanks to the Liffey Champion, Leinster Leader and their reporters for providing us with these local stories)

Wait for new Kilcock library is “totally unacceptable”

by Peter Kelly ( Liffey Champion, page 2 )

A provisional opening date set for the opening of Kilcock’s new library at The Lamps development on School Street has been slammed as “totally unacceptable”.

Kildare County Council has said legal, architectural and library teams are currently in the process of delivering the new library for Kilcock, which is now not expected to open until June 2011.

Cllr Liam Doyle (FF) failed to hide his frustration when given the update last Tuesday week (23rd March ) at a meeting of the Clane Area Committee. “That’s totally unacceptable, I can’t understand why it’s going to take 15 or 16 months” said Cllr Doyle.

“This has been going on now a long time. I wonder is it possible for someone to come back to me at the next meeting and explain to me why it’s going to take 15 months.” The councillor said he understood some installation work was required at the premises and questioned why that was not already being undertaken.

Asking for a schedule of works, Cllr Doyle said he wanted to understand how it was taking the Council a further 15 months to do somethinghe does not believe is a 15 month job.

Banks slated over Kilcock parking

by Peter Kelly ( Liffey Champion, page 2 )

The management of two banks operating in Kilcock have been publicly criticised for ignoring and neglecting residents and other local businesses. In an escalation of his row with Ulster Bank and Allied Irish Bank over staff parking, Cllr liam Doyle (FF) said their refusal to require staff park on land to the rear of their property is impacting negatively on the town.

For almost two years the councillor has requested that both banks adopt that approach to free up parking spaces in Kilcock. And he told the Clane Are Committee last Tuesday week (23rd March) that the banks were being “ignorant” and showing “neglect for the people who pay their wages and patronise their offices”.

“I’m simply asking for their own stuff to park in their own premises”, he said. Cllr Doyle said it would alleviate parking problems in Kilcock and allow other local businesses to reap the benefits of customers being able to find parking.

He added: “If they had a bit of manners, they wouldn’t be in NAMA but it’s the same old attitude to railroad the people.”

Apology issued after water disruption

by Peter Kelly ( Liffey Champion, page 8 )

Kildare County Council has apologised after water supplies to parts of Clane, Kilcock and outlying areas were disrupted on Tuesday (30th March).

Householders were left without water after a mains valve closed unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. The Council’s spokesman, Charlie Talbot, said the true extend of the problem did not become clear until 5pm with the problem repaired by 7pm on Tuesday night.

However, Mr Talbot said the Council had not expected supplies to return to normal until well into Wednesday morning (31st March) as water made its way back through the system. “We want to apologise to anyone left without water over night” said Mr Talbot “It’s certainly not something we want to see happen.”

Council tackles ditch drainage improvements

by Peter Kelly (Liffey Champion, page 2)

Ditch drainage at Graiguepottle between Clane and Kilcock is to be improved in an effort to reduce flooding on the R407. Kildare County Council has said the Clane Area Office intends to carry out the work in the next couple of months, funded by special allocations for flood relief.

The Acting Director of Transportation, Michael O’Leary, denied the local authority had run into difficulty with local landowners over the plans when asked by Cllr Pádraid McEvoy (Ind).

Cllr Liam Doyle (FF) said regular flooding on the Kilcock to Clane Road had made it “a very dangerous” stretch. Maintenance work is also due to start in the next fortnight on soak holes at St. Brigid’s Terrace in Clane.


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