Kilcock in the News: 16th May

Costs prove prohibitive for Kilcock Park and Ride

Excerpts by Peter Kelly in the Liffey Champion (page 5)

This article in the Liffey Champion by Peter Kelly reveals that after 2 years there is no progress whatsoever on the Iarnród Éireann park and ride project for Kilcock. And now it seems it has been halted indefinitely. A Mr Page from Iarnród Éireann Head of New Works briefed the Clane Area Committee this week: (excerpt from the paper)

Iarnród Éireann has parked plane to add extra parking spaces for commuters using Kilcock Station are the costs of the project proved prohibitive.

A representative from the company reported on Tuesday (11th May) that it had halted plans to provide a park and ride facility  on CIE-owned land north of the Royal Canal just yards from the station platform after the costs threatened to run to more than €1m.

Mr Page [Iarnród Éireann's Head of New Works] said his department had initially looked at gaining access to the site from Shaw Bridge in Kilcock town centre through an existing access point.

“However, having been informed that any ca park would require a new point of entrance and exit, Mr Page said more than €1m would have been required to fund that part of the project alone.

In brief the article continues with some comments from our Councillor Liam Doyle who stressed it was never an option that proposed car park be entered from the Shaw Bridge area; the alternative requested was Alexandra Bridge. He went on to point  out the effect commuters, parking all day in car spaces in Kilcock are having on local traders saying; “The effect this is having on local businesses is hugely detrimental”.

Comment: Parking and lack there of, is a big problem for Kilcock traders and is an issue that the KBA has pledged to work on. This is news of the permanent shelving of a park and ride development is a real blow. Paid parking, even at a very low rate, means that those living close by are encouraged to walk down to the station (most Kilcock town dwellers live within a 10 minute walk of the station) and leaves enough spaces around the car park for those who need to drive to the station. Cllr Doyle goes on to suggest that the current parking area could be improved by removal of the grassy verge to allow parking for a further 15 spaces. However this is really just a stop gap and once again it seems that Kilcock is missing out on a development that would have offered significant improvements to residents and local traders alike. Adding to the frustration is the obvious lack of communication between the council and the railways on the practicalities of the development and the long length of time taken just to come back and say it’s been shelved.

Dragon Gavin Duffy tells Kilcock Businesses to ‘hang on’.

Excerpts by Kim Mullahey in the Liffey Champion (page 10)

Gavin Duffy is coming to Kilcock

Gavin Duffy - evening with a Dragon

This article is close to my own heart (as secretary of the Kilcock Business Association) as I was involved in the promotion and set up of the evening with Gavin Duffy in the GAA Hall on Wednesday 5th of May. We were delighted by the turn out of between 240 and 250 people who were engaged for around 1.5 hours by an energetic and entertaining Gavin Duffy, who started off the evening by explaining how we got into this financial crisis from a global perspective and then brought it back home to Kilcock:

“We have to engage with customers, we have to be positive and we have got support our local business associations.

“You have got to keep the spend local, get involved and support another through this.

“What we have all got to do is hang on until we get through this, and tread water until we have come to the other side.

Gavin mentioned a number of times the effect that the media is having on people’s spending habits. According to Gavin, the media have us (and our spend) running scarred. I tend to agree here though I feel in particular it’s the national newspapers and radio that are the culprits rather the regional newspapers and radio which by their nature are more positive in their focus on local events. It seems that everytime you turn on the radio there is another financial expert telling us that we are all doomed and the country will never recover.

Comparing this resession to the 80′s dip Gavin Duffy believes it was easier for people back then as they had been used to living on less already. He went on to point out that the slow breakdown in communities and collapse of public perception of the institutions like church meant that our traditional support networks have all but disappeared for many of us and as such coping with this recession more difficult.

I guess that’s all the more reason to start to get involved locally from taking part in local groups, sports organisations and of course… spending local as well.

Plan to return Kilcock as a Major Trading Centre with launch of new directory

Excerpts by Kim Mullahey in the Liffey Champion (page 10)

The evening with Gavin Duffy also saw the launch of a comprehensive directory of the Kilcock Business Association members and community organisations. It’s a great little book and has been delivered to all residents in Kilcock town (if you missed out just visit one of the local shops!). It’s got a surprising amount of local services and business and a full list of emergency numbers, local organisations and sporting clubs.

And there is an online counter part http://www.kilcockbusiness.ie for all you web savvy Kilcock residents.

Research contributed in the new directory by author and historian Seamus Cullen has placed commercial activity in Kilcock from AD1299.

“We of the Kilcock Business Association want to return Kilcock to it’s rightful place as a ‘major trading centre from as far back as medieval times” said Tara Lane of Harmony Holistic Health.”I am honored to be part of such a hardworking committee. We have an amazing selection of business and useful numbers.”

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