Tidy Towns – We Need You!

I’m sure many of you have noticed that in the last number of weeks Kilcock has been brimming with flowers and hanging baskets and is verging on being litter free. In case you didn’t know we’ve the Kilcock Tidy Towns to thank. The Tidy Towns is run by an extremely dedicated team of mostly retired individuals who have been taking care of flower boxes and hanging baskets and picking up litter (a lot of it) for many years. They mow edges, cut hedges, weed, trim bushes, tidy the round-a-bouts and plant flowers in public places through out the town. They do an amazing job – with the help of a few volunteers.

A big thank you also goes out to the Kilcock Business Association who donated all the hanging baskets you see over town. The Tidy Towns are keeping these watered and well looked after – a huge job in itself as they require watering every 2 days.

It’s easy to get caught up in complaining about some of the poorer aspects of our town – but don’t let this over shadow the fantastic work of Kilcock’s Tidy Town team.

Can you help?

Please consider helping out with Tidy Towns on either a regular or once off basis. Contact Tess Barrett 016287537 or Mary Nolan 0871300571.

It does take some effort but with a team of volunteer just doing a little here and there can make a huge difference. You can help by:

  • volunteering on a regular basis with the tidy towns team
  • contacting Tidy Towns to see if you could adopt a small flowerbed in the town to keep neat and tidy
  • simply pulling out weeds in some of the local flower beds (do get in touch with Tidy Towns for some guidance)
  • just pick up litter whenever you have an opportunity to do so – if you’re out walking the dog or pushing a pram take the opportunity to pick up some of the rubbish around your estate or roadside. It’s pretty shocking sometimes the amount of litter that you’ll find.

Check out these pics: Tidy Towns – We’re indepted to you!!


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