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Kilcock Fashion Show! Nov 5th

Kilcock Fashion Show! Nov 5th Posted on October 20, 20107 Comments

Make a night of it on Friday November 5th  for Kilcock’s Fashion Show!

Kilcock Fashion ShowThe Kilcock Business Association are hosting the first Kilcock Fashion Extravaganza in Kilcock Gaa on Friday November 5th. Fabulous Fashion from boutiques including Fran and Jane, Divine in Maynooth and Malahide and other leading boutiques will be modelled by models from Assets Model Agency.

Kilcock Barperson of the Year Award

Also on the night we will be presenting the ‘Kilcock Barperson of the Year Award’ for the barman or barwoman who raises the most sponsorship for our very worthy causes. Sponsorship forms are in each pub so make sure that you sponsor your favourite barperson next time you are out in Kilcock. Sponsorship is only €2 per line.

The two worthy charites that will benefit on the night are St Vincent de Paul and St Brigid’s Hospice who are both represented by the two charity shops in Kilcock.

Tickets are €20 each so make sure that you get your tickets early. Call in Dorothy’s Hair and Beauty, John Ryan Butchers, Bruce Betting, Centra. Brownes Londis, Mick the Barber or contact Tara Lane on 087 9789318 now to get your ticket for this fantastic evening of fun and fashion.

Advertising Opportunities

There will also be a Big Screen presentation featuring sponsored advertising at the special price of €40 for KBA members (non members €50), this will be running all evening and you will have a target audience of approx 320 people reading your advertisement. A listing of the advertisers will also be given to everyone on the night so they will go away with your details for future reference. All proceeds from this advertising will go to the charities so please consider placing an advertisement with us for the night. Contact Tara on 087 9789318 or any committee member to book your ad.

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  1. I am shocked and disgusted that the so called Kilcock Business Association are saying that they are there to help promote “shopping local” but I found out today that the ONLY clothes shop in the town was not asked to take part in the up-coming fashion show, so that means the they are promoting businesses from outside the area before our own.

    I am just wondering what other people think….



  2. Well done to everyone who was involved in the fashion show last night. It was brilliant and we had a great time, particularly when Mathew pulled his shirt off *swoon*!
    Thanks for organising a great night for a great cause.

  3. Thanks for the comment ‘Secrets’ – Mathew and the gorgeous black evening dress from Divine were my highlights on the night!

    Sarah – thanks for the comment too. I will find the PRO from KBA for a more up to date comment on this but the clothes shop in Kilcock is a Children’s store and there may have been issues with having kids modelling and hanging about with a bar on the go in hall?

  4. The Kilcock Business Association work hard on behalf of their members and the community. In organising this fundraising event for local charities we checked with the GAA and their ruling states that no children are allowed in their hall for a public function after 7.30pm as there is aclohol available. We would also like to thank all the people who supported our very successful night which has raised much needed funds for our charities.

  5. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t… The KBA (Which I’m a member of but not in the working group or on the committee) was created to stimulate activity in local businesses, yes. But also to bring life to the local community.

    They’re just over a year old and they’ve been a roaring success in my opinion.

    Besides the fashion show they’ve organised:

    -Barperson of the year event
    -The local Business Directory from which I have received benefit via new custom from my business listing.
    -St Patricks Day duck race, which attracted a huge crowd, and kept a buzz going in the town long after the parade had finished.
    -Evening with “Dragon” Gavin Duffy, another success which drew a full house to Kilcock.

    Much of the funds raised from these events goes back into making our town more attractive to shoppers.

    -Have you noticed the graffitied boat house was recently painted after years of being left as an eyesore?
    -Have you notice the roundabout at the Clane road was landscaped?
    -Have you noticed the lawns mowed around that slip road and pathways cleared of overgrowth?
    -Have you noticed the hanging baskets erected and maintained all around the town?

    I’m sure there’s a lot more that I haven’t pointed out…

    These people VOLUNTEER their time to trying to make the town more attractive to shoppers and the residents. I’m sure they’d much rather be at home with feet up, but instead these people get out and get things done, for the good of others and the community.
    I had heard comments that this had all been tried before and nothing would happen from it, but it’s refreshing to see things HAPPENING in the town.

    For ages I’ve heard “somebody” should do something about “x” in this town. Too many people seeing problems instead of answers aren’t doing anyone any favours.
    We have a group of do-ers there, and I’d like to thank them all for their collective efforts.
    I’m sure the KBA are only too open to creative suggestions on how to keep things ticking along in our little town, and we do need ideas and creativity for future events to make sure it doesn’t get stale, so everyone pull in the same direction for gods sake.

    This comment isn’t aimed at the original post, but at general negativity. Misery loves company!
    Rant over.

  6. I agree with Darren here, have had great support and ideas from KBA. So much done around the town and a very cost effective productive means of advertising if you run a small business in the town. Keep up the good work!!!

  7. Who provided the accessories for the fashion show? I saw a goregous fascinator on one of the models and would love to get my hands on one.


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