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Most of us don’t need much convincing that exercise is good for us, after all the benefits are well documented. But sometimes we lack the motivation to adopt an exercise programme and stick to it. To make it easier to keep exercising on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind, the more practical and measurable the better. In fact we recommend writing down that goal on a piece of paper, making copies and sticking them up in a few places around the house, that will regularly catch your eye.  Examples of typical goals include:

  • Fit into that little black dress hanging at the back of the cupboard
  • Slip back into my pre-baby jeans again
  • Drop a stone for a special occasion
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce my blood pressure to normal level
  • Do four gym workouts per week

And when it’s easier to crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine instead of heading off down to the gym for a work out, think about those goals and how, with a little bit of willpower, they can be easily achieved!

Don’t forget to plan a special reward to be enjoyed once you’ve reached your goal, just make sure it doesn’t contain any calories!

Kilcock Fitness Factory

Kilcock Fitness Factory

Article by Lynda from Kilcock Fitness Factory

The Kilcock Fitness Factory is Kilcock’s only gym and provides a broad range of cardio equipment, weights and circuit training. It’s situated in the entrance to Ryebridge Estate, Kilcock. For more info and pics check out their website or Facebook page.


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