County Dev Board’s Commitment to Kilcock

A new project coordinator, Honor Griffin, has been appointed to the Integrated Services Program (ISP) for North Kildare. The ISP, a project of the Kildare County Development Board Plan, develops and implements ‘Action Plans’ based on the needs of local communities. Fortunately for us, Kilcock is Honor’s first port of call!

According to a press release (May 31st 2011) from the ISP, North Kildare:

Honor will oversee research in the coming months across all areas of life in Kilcock. Once completed a Participation Implementation Team will be developed to include senior staff, with decision-making authority from: HSE, FAS, Garda Siochana, VEC, DSFA, Department of Education, Kildare County Council, County Kildare LEADER Partnership, South Western Regional Drugs Task Force and the business and community sectors in the town. This team will build an action plan based on the needs of Kilcock as outlined by the people of Kilcock.

A Community Participation Strategy is a key element of the programme and will be developed and implemented by County Kildare LEADER Partnership who has the expertise in community development. Honor will assist with inputs as required.

We welcome the news of Honor’s appointment and hope that the ISP brings some much needed attention to the our local community. You can read more about the Co. Kildare Leader Partnership program on their website.

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