Kilcock Local Research Survey Posted on October 21, 2011

Kilcock Local Research Survey

October 2011

The Kilcock Integrated Services Programme (ISP) is supported by the Kildare County Development Board Plan 2009-2012 and is welcomed by the Kilcock community. The ISP will bring together key stakeholders- representatives of services provided by the state, local business, community voluntary sector groups/organisations, and local people living in Kilcock. They will work together to develop the town.

To help inform the future work of the ISP, independent consultants Burtenshaw Kenny Associates (BKA) are contracted to carry out research and a plan for Kilcock. The goal will be to produce a plan that will help to make Kilcock the kind of town that people are proud of; a sustainable community, with the services, supports and sense of togetherness that is needed to meet the needs of all residents of Kilcock.

Consultation with the community is also taking place through focus groups and a survey is available for residents of Kilcock that wish to contribute to the process.

The survey is available online at:

 If you have Internet access, then please submit your responses online.

If not, then you can collect and return a printed version of the survey at the Kilcock Library. The survey will be open until: 4th November 2011.

All information collected will be treated in full confidence and will be incorporated into the findings from the consultation.

A separate youth survey is also taking place targeting young people aged 12 to 18 and is available at:

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