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Driving Hints & Maintenance in Snow

Driving Hints & Maintenance in Snow Posted on February 26, 2018

Some timely advice from Gerard McGeeney (Kilcock Autos) for driving in wintery conditions. 

  • Have adequate fuel for return journey
  • Check correct tyre pressure
  • Good tyres
  • Anti freeze in vehicle
  • Check all lights (carry spare bulbs)
  • Carry torch, warm clothing, gloves, water and phone
  • Jump leads
  • Carry tow rope and shovel.
  • Make sure phone is charged and carry phone charger
  • Leave a message when due to return from trip
  • Wear Seat belts fitted correctly including child seats
  • Ensure all windscreens are clear.
  • Double your braking distances.
  • Use your fog lights
  • Drive in a low gear.
  • Use your ESP (Electronic Stability Program) if fitted.
  • Do not make severe moves with steering wheel.
  • If vehicle does skid do NOT brake, DO NOT BRAKE  – Try to brake by changing down gears instead.


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