This website was set up and is being run by Heidi Jermyn. I’ve lived in Kilcock for around 6 years – so I’m still a bit of a blow in. I setup this website in 2009 because me and lots of people I have spoken to who live in Kilcock only hear about stuff happening here after it has happened. I thought it might be good to setup a community website that people could come to and see what’s happening in and around Kilcock.

I am definitely looking for people to contribute and make this a useful local resource. If you would like to contribute news or content, or advertise your business or would just like to say hi please email hello@ourkilcock.ie or leave a comment below.

If you’d like more information on the Kilcock Business Association please email: kilcockbusinessassociation@gmail.com and make sure you visit the Kilcock Business directory: www.kilcockbusiness.ie. You could also drop down to BuySAfrica shop on New Lane, Kilcock and ask for proprietor Coleen Vorster who is the KBA secretary.

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